“Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Marco Polo Map (Baltic States)” (Marco Polo Maps) by Marco Polo Travel Publishing – Useful map for touring

This is my review of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Marco Polo Map (Baltic States) (Marco Polo Maps) by Marco Polo Travel Publilshing.

A very clear and useful map for route planning, with the entire area on one side, which makes it easier to track a single route, although the whole map is quite large and has to be refolded continually. Larger scale maps at the bottom of the sheet for the main cities of Kaliningrad (not visited), Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are also helpful e.g. for trip out of town from Vilnius to Trakai Castle. I also used the index in a form of a booklet including fifteen highlights, which are a good guide as to what to focus on during a visit of a week or two. The city street plans are useful for reaching central city hotels in e.g. Riga and Vilnius, including indication of one way systems. The languages of the Baltic states are so different from English that it is hard to match important landmark sites on the map up with the names used in English guide books The only other problem was that I had to remove the staples to separate out the booklet so I could use it more easily i.e. a small plastic pocket holder would have been more practical and worth a small extra cost.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars

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