Smart, attractive shoulder bag worth a look

This is my review of Womens Real Leather Hand Made Shoulder or BackPack Handbag – Made in Italy Real Leather Smooth Finish.

This bag comes in such a wide range of colours that it is hard to make a choice. The straps are just the right length for a shoulder bag, and they can be easily adjusted to create a smart back pack. The flat bottom enables the bag to be placed in a vertical position without tipping over. The leather is smooth and quite stiff, although it has quickly formed bulges to reflect the shape of articles inside and this detracts a little from the smart design. I would have preferred a softer leather which would have given a more casual appearance from the outset.

A slight drawback is that adjustable straps are crossed over in "shoulder bag" mode which makes it harder to open the bag fully but which may keep it in place on the shoulder better. There are two main compartments separated by a soft zipped pocket, so that items tend to slip down to the roomy bottom, but it is hard to open the bag wide enough to rummage for them, particularly when the bag is on one's shoulder. It's a "medium" capacity bag, unsuitable for those who like to tote around elephant's graveyards, but at least it won't give you shoulder-ache.

Since the detailed online description stated that purple bags (my choice) had a synthetic exterior, whereas some other colours and the overall description state "leather" I was a bit anxious, but can confirm that the product seems to be leather on the outside with a soft off-white lining which will probably get stained or dirty before it wears out.

The price seems very reasonable, the design is attractive. I like the bag but it is a little too narrow at the top to use the space fully. N.B. Five months on, and the purple colour is rubbing badly off the thin purple shoulder straps, so won't buy again, which is a pity since the design is stylish.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars

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