Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

This is my review of Doctor Foster Series 1 [DVD] [2015].

Doctor Gemma Foster has a successful career as senior partner in a general practice, a handsome and seemingly loving husband Simon, appealing son and stylish house with friendly neighbours opposite. When she discovers a long blonde hair on her husband’s clothing, her suspicions seem somewhat easily aroused, and she reveals her concerns rather too readily for a confident, professional woman. Yet, as becomes clear, she is insecure beneath the surface, and prone to make enemies with her driven personality and an intensity which often leads her to “step over the mark”, manipulating others and using dubious means to achieve justifiable ends.

In this gripping, twisty and unpredictable tale one’s sympathies should be with Gemma as she tries to deal with a husband who will not admit to his infidelity and friends who continually prove duplicitous, but her increasingly extreme behaviour, although understandable, often seems to make things worse.

Some of the scenes in the surgery may not be very realistic, but can be accepted as “dramatic licence”. I thought the plot was in danger of losing its way and slipping into mere soap in the middle, but it all comes together in a dramatic final part, in particular a powerful dinner party scene.

This is an above-average drama, not merely owing to the excellent acting, well-developed characters and intriguing plot, but because it is thought-provoking over the sad and thorny issue of infidelity.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars

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