It’s a vlog innit!

This is my review of Collins Scrabble Dictionary: Deluxe edition.

Receiving this as a present just after having purchased "Official Scrabble Words" for someone else has made me aware of the large amount of merchandising accompanying this popular game. It seems a little "over the top" to have a hard slip cover for this hardback book, but I suppose this is the only way it can be described as "Deluxe", gold edging being perhaps too costly!

I particularly like the fact that it explains the meanings of words like "noilier", thus convincing one that they really exist, like "vugg" and "vugh", apparently variations of "vug", a small cavity in a rock vein, usually containing crystals.

At first I found it easier to use than the latest cheaper since non-deluxe word list. With just a single alphabetical list of words regardless of length, you do not have to think how many letters a word might have. It is also very concise so that words can be found more quickly than in a conventional dictionary. The downside is the frustration of knowing that it omits words you know exist in other scrabble cribs – but don't you feel a bit of a cheat gaining points with "aa" or "snotrag"? But it's more annoying to be unable to use words you are pretty sure exist in a large standard dictionary.

So, I'm a bit ambivalent about this book. At least, I now know what a "vlog" is (video weblog). Yet, should I be pleased that it permits the use of "innit"?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars

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