To the land of Montalbano and Lampedusa

This is my review of Insight Guides: Sicily by Insight Guides.

I have found this guide invaluable for planning a 10 day holiday in Sicily. It is clear, attractively presented with descriptions of the "highlights" to visit, but also an indication of intrigung places "off the beaten track", plenty of photographs to whet one's appetite, useful little maps including a separate "Touring Map", and strikes a good balance between being either too detailed or too sketchy. It also "sets the scene" with the background history and culture of Sicily, a reminder of its past diversity and prosperity, yet remains a manageable size to take along on holiday.

If there is anything missing – and this is a common lack in guidebooks – it is the absence of any detailed suggested 7,10 and 14 day itineraries, and an estimate of driving times between places, although you can of course calculate this from, say, Google maps.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars

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