Don’t count on it

This is my review of Inside Men [DVD].

Manager of a counting house, through which huge quantities of cash are shipped, John cuts a sad figure as a man frightened of life. Uptight and tense, bullied by his boss and mocked by his staff, perhaps impotent, he maintains an unlikely position as best performing manager through obsessive hard work, assisted by being prepared to make up from his own pocket any small shortfall in the accounts. For the most part he is almost robotically lacking in emotion, but under pressure the underlying rage on occasion bursts out.

Then John's discovery of a petty theft by two of his employees triggers the idea for the heist with which the drama opens.

As much a psychological drama as a thriller, the intricate and intriguing plot switches back and forth in time over a period of months, in order to explore the motivations of the "inside men" and reveal both the complex details of the planned theft, and how it works out in practice. The three main characters and the women in their lives are all strongly developed with distinct personalities.

In a reverse of the norm, the earlier parts of the drama are in many ways more suspenseful and gripping than the denouement. I can understand why some viewers have reported feeling let down by the ending. My sense of disappointment was short-lived when I realised that, in leaving some morally ambiguous outcomes, the plot leaves us with a good deal of food for thought.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars

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