Clear, attractive and informative – but a few gaps in meeting my needs

This is my review of Burgundy (Drive Around) by Andrew Sanger.

I am finding this book very useful in helping me to get my head round the detailed planning of an itinerary which includes the Dijon area (Burgundy), reached from Paris (Fontainebleau), and the Rhone Valley. It goes into more detail than the Eyewitness Guide for the whole of France ( a good starting point for an overview) without getting too bogged down in details. The presentation is very clear with a road map for each section, town plans to show key points of interest, and attractive photographs.

My main criticism is the lack of an index at the end to find places quickly e.g. like Geneuille, Chonas d'Amballan or Grignan where I have already booked overnight stops.

The guide would have been of more use to me if it had also included Franche-Comte i.e. places like Besancon, Ornans and Ronchamp, which one is very likely to want to visit when travelling in the Dijon area. So, I have had to invest in a Michelin Guide on Burgundy-Jura as well in order to cover Franche-Comte, which means duplication and adds to the cost and weight of books carried.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars

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