Mixed feelings

This is my review of The Point of Rescue: Culver Valley Crime Book 3 by Sophie Hannah.

After an intriguing start, the tragi-comedy of working mother's Sally's chaotic life was entertaining and an interesting use of rueful humour to convey the conflicts involved in trying to juggle children and a career. There were some ingenious plot twists – I can't say which genuinely surprised me, without giving too much away. I agree that some of them were implausible.

On the other hand, as with many such books, which will obviously gain a wider readership and massive earnings, I have to ask why the clearly talented author did not spend just a little more time on ironing out the flaws.

The diary entries rapidly became tediously repetitive and almost caricatures of the situation, although you could argue that was intentional. A more serious weakness was the unconvincing love interest between the two police officers, and their odd, inadequately explained and developed psychology. All the other policemen seemed to be caricatures.There was a tendency for key "information giving" conversations to drag on for an implausibly long time given the circumstances e.g one party had to rush off to a meeting, or was driving at high speed on a hunch to save someone's life.

I was also too often aware of the same rather cynical, sarcastic voice coming through too many of the characters. I had no objection to the voice itself, just suspected it was the author's own voice, and felt it needed to be attached to one or two characters, not most of them. I was also unsure about the frequent digressions into amusing but trivial asides at dramatic moments – this with the generally rather shallow and manipulative relationships between key players made me care too little about any of them, and led me to leave the book and move on too lightly.

⭐⭐⭐ 3 Stars

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