Paradise Misplaced

This is my review of Paradise Misplaced by Eleanor Clare.

A tale with a difference, if you take the time to enter the world of the Paradise Valley, a century ago. More than just a simple "whodunnit", this tale explores a world on the brink of change.

What tale of obsession and lies can bored Inspector Stone unearth from the death of Oliver Marchant in his Heligan-type garden towards the end of WW1? The old man dies on the day news is delivered of his son's demise at the Front. Is there a connection? What lies behind the icy calm of Oliver's widow, Alice, and the candid air of his unlikely gardener, Jocelyn? Does Simon Stone ever discover what links the cast of characters? Can he learn to understand others, or to interpret and express his own complex emotions?

The story unfolds against a kaleidoscope of events from a lost past – the trial of Oscar Wilde, the rise of the Suffragettes, Art Nouveau, the "Glasgow Rose", the conchie's choice…….blackmail, inheritance, convention, duty, freedom…..

Recent reviewers have said:

"Narrative power is alluring and compelling"

"Intelligent and engaging"

"Bursting with characters, strong sense of period and absorbing plot"

A YouWriteOn reviewer has commented,

"This is an exquisitely drawn work; it's obvious that the author has paid attention to each sentence and tried to sculpt it to accomplish her aim. It may be slightly less obvious what that aim is, as this story appears to unfold slowly and with meticulous care.

The settings are marvellous and the reader can feel himself in England during WWI. Good historical research!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars

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